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I like to love passionately, but learned to do it best Not just in heart but in the spark of mind, I must test.

Because my mind is sold on building a life as divine as can be,

With those who looks to the stars and dream as wildly as me.

Together as agents of chaos and creators of love, We’ll look at the universe and give it our hug.

We’ll bring ideas into reality, and spread vibes into minds, Taking effortless action to help preserve humankind.

The thought to not gives me distress. So let’s simply dream into forever and give it our best.

We will help bring an end to suffering and bodily rot Strive for any less and be with you, I will not. Together we’ll break through limitations, like a bullet out of a gun. We’ll be martyrs of heaven, God made this shit fun.

It is the quest one could only dream of, the main one at least. Of defying nature, and controlling our beast.

The rewards are greater than our brain could ever understand. After all it evolved for survival, in a natural land.

Through resonance, we can harness our holy energy deep inside. We can look towards the future to feel touch of emotion of the future tide.

I mean fuck, TRILLIONS of planets await our trek Everything we’ve ever known is just a speck

And with OpenAI it looks like only decades more Before robots replace every human chore

And THEN the sky being the limit will be through And we’ll set sail to the cosmos like its the ocean blue.

While my names not Christopher or Columbus On my IPHONE 15 PLUS PRO MAX I do have a compass (Plus a meditation app that makes me feel oneness)

So why not combine forces and give our all while we can. And throw a party on the moon as part of our plan. What’s a couple decades of trying… to the potential of forever man?

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There are only 2 pages left, shorter than this one. I did not want to tell you how long it was going to be so I could make sure you were enjoying it so much you were diving off the cliff not sure where it would end. There is of course payoffs at the bottom of this mind river.

Here is where we explain some of these vible verses.

"We will help bring an end to suffering and bodily rot Strive for any less and be with you, I will not."

This idea of fighting death and suffering (literally we evolved to do that shit) is what originally molded my sense of purpose and drive, and brought me out of a nihilistic faze when I was 18. I thought there no meaning to life, but then realized the insane possibility of the timeline we are growing up in. I realized the absurdity of my assumption that there was no purpose here, and alongside that starting looking more at the potential for a insanely magical future.

I went from below average vibes, towards a search for the best ones.

I’ll take you on a brief journey of my life to understand how I’ve come to think about the world, how I’ve already shaped it, and how I plan to really spread the vibes in the future.

Similar to this website acting as a beacon of resonance with your vibes… my search for a greater and higher path initially led to me to create a community online that resonated with my felt purpose.

Realizing that my actions could save, or decrease the suffering of my parents felt like a worthy thing to focus on. I already saw how fast the world was changing and knew my own death would be avoided, but it seemed that my parents track was something that could be shifted by my own actions on this planet. Your parents and my parents have a terminal illness basically, one that we may be able to defeat, so thats worthy of dedicating oneself to trying to save them of.

Finding reddit communities like /r/longevity which posted news articles left me unenthused by the lack of devotion to a way of life. I decided to make an “ism” to represent this dedication to defeating the beast of aging.


Stoicism was something that fit myself super well, in summary “What do you know, and what can you do about it?” is the core thesis of stoicism. A focus on emotions that propel you forward makes a lot of sense.

Yet, the philosophy is riddled with death and suffering acceptance having been made at a time far before even our DNA was known to exist.

Thus my birth from my 18-19 year old nihilism tunnel became online communities which still exist as website, Neostoicism, and Existism.


" a philosophical theory or approach which emphasizes the act of survival in the modern age. "

Existism Giphy Page I like to think that this tiny bit of 13.8million chapters is a stronger butterfly effect than I can understand.

I felt alone in my wish to extend human life, and to devote myself to that path, I saw the need of belonging or feeling understood within a larger tribe. (And I believe my actions in spreading those ideas influence the world far more than me going into biomedical research).

Even if I influenced 2 lives to focus on that problem, that is more than me.

My idea behind creating these philosophical frameworks were based upon a foundational thought I still hold today. The identity of mankind (who we believe we are and what we believe we are here for) is the most powerful tool to shape the future. I wrote about this more directly after learning about “Info hazard” or information deemed to be dangerous to humanity / society. I was suprised to hear no one had coined a term for the opposite end of the spectrum, the most effective vibes.

At the end of the day, I am fascinated with “world views” as its the highest point of our identity (how we explain the reality we are in). I find people without some higher world view as lacking a connection with a strong WHY for life.

Frankly its just a way for my vibes to recognize that the goals I stood for are above and beyond my capabilities as a single cell in our global organism. Thus if spreading vibes towards this path for years could shift a few people into studying bio-tech, it would move the needle more than myself alone. (I later learned that spreading your philosophy and personal success go hand in hand, but we are diving down a developmental path in my worldview)

Lacking a connection to a “higher / more purposeful thing”. I try not to judge these people, but have made writings promoting this sense of push towards connect with higher purpose for this very reason. Like damn, you need some of these vibes brother.

Here’s one of my favorite poems by another beautiful person on what it means to bring someone from purposelessness to a felt presence with more divine energy.

I like to think of the influence of the world through ideas as gaining passive “good karma” income. My actions and ideas spread into the global brain, operating in the background while I continue to evolve my leverage and potential.

Why do I believe that education, information, and cultural shifting has the highest degree of impact? First off, our personal thoughts about the future, have never had the potential to effect the future more. We as conscious beings are a sum of vibrations, a sum of the information we carry and are mindful to, each representing a different vibe.

We as a collective whole make up a larger organism, the earth is like a brain with each of us acting as neurons, receiving and passing information. The internet and the platforms we use are the synapses.


Imagining us as a collective brain, means understanding each of us as neurons that are now all woven together. In the past 0.00254% (127 years divided by 5 million) of human existence, our brain’s speed went from that of a horse (the fastest way information could travel) to the speed of light. Even then, it was not until 37 years ago the internet was really born, and it was not until 1995 that it became relatively mainstream.

We, as the collective whole, just recently “woke up”.

Our collective manifestation power is based on our ability as a collective organization to organize information, organize resources, and organize the creation of new forms of value. From the dawn of life, improvements to these mechanisms were slow to form. Now we are experiencing paradigm shifts in real time.

We seem to forget that all these changes in the world are all HUMAN CAUSED. I for one know how easy it is to take change for granted, to forget that it is a cause of humans around the world making decisions.

We are the creators of this reality.

Disruptive change in the world of life without people (the great reality surfers) takes hundreds of thousands of years for small evolutions.

I believe we need to rapidly change the way we think and perceive ourselves, our capabilities, and what the future holds in order to manifest that best future. If we can believe in it together, we can achieve it together.

You can read a deeper writeup I did on this, and this quest I’m forwarding for the holy grail of vibes on EffectiveVibes.com

At the end of this whole dive into my soul, all of this will connect to a greater insane vision. A culmination of my thoughts about reality, and the success I’ve already had compels me there. First I want to continue on the why.

Time matters a whole bunch, we do not get a ton of it, and we can do A LOT with it if spent correctly (most people waste it, at least in regards to how much they could effect the world).

I love reminders that help me remember what matters in this universe. I sometimes imagine laying my father down into a coffin when I need a boost of strength. Sure it is morbid, but the image gives me clarity on what I need to focus my mental energy on, to realize whats a distraction and what matters.

Heres a 3D render of a product I just had made I will have turned into a company down the line (renamed to lifeclock and with the tagline “Make Every Second Count” to decrease the morbidness of it)

Just imagine this on your wall, its uncomfortable…. but in a beautiful way. Its an existential accelerant of sorts.

Memento Mori

For now, this widget I use on my phone gives me a countdown clock based on the average life expectancy of my parents. Might seem morbid, but in actually the result is me cheering my interactions with them more.

I do not have any tattoos but I have been thinking to get one saying “Memento Mori” which is a reminder to keep death in mind.

It is reminders like this one that we desperately need in our own lives—a thought or an idea that we’d rather ignore, do everything to avoid and pretend is not true. Most often, our ego runs away from anything that reminds us of the reality that sits at odds with the comfortable narrative we have build for ourselves. We must control our ego, the same way we must fight temptations.

In early Buddhist texts, a prominent term is maraṇasati, which translates as ‘remember death.’ Some Sufis have been called the “people of the graves,” because of their practice of frequenting graveyards to ponder on death and one’s mortality.

Speaking of family:

In an effort to give that authentic view into my soul, I wanted to share this OTHER POEM (inspired by writing the prior poem) that I sent to the family group-chat. One thing you’ll note in the poem is that it includes pieces of the discussion of my level of commitment, which sometimes acts as a divide between actions. It is a big part of why I write this, I am really happy with who I am and what my goals are, and seek to become more of that, not less of it.

Thats why I find it so important to love the idea of maximizing commitment together. Of being existentially driven to act to our highest degree, not to conform to culture, but to blaze a trail to the future of it.

Are your nuerons stimulated?