Enter Stage 3 [The Final Boss]

Arash Feat. Helena – One Day

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As you can probably tell, purpose and meaning are necessary components to my relationships.

I like thinking of life as a game where you choose your character every day with the actions you take (and I try to maximize not being a Non-Player, in fact I think we have a beautiful obligation to become our hero archetype).

At the end of the day it boils down to many things, and I think there is more to the story than we can understand. I think there is an epidemic in culture which makes people ignorant to resonating with that. Like ok, we cant know for certain but no matter whats true, it seems the only sane thing to do is rise up and become your best self. To say fuck fear, fuck haters, fuck doubts, to stop consuming bad energy and focus on crafting a better world.

I had this image made to hang in my room to remind me… I am still deciding if I love the messaging, as its a bit fear based, but in the right mindset fear gets channeled straight into energy so for me it just gives me that cosmic perspective of saying “fuck it, we ball”

This is the main thing you should know about me and get across from this piece. I am someone who wants to become the best version of myself and will only fall in love deeply with someone who maximizes that life path with me.

When I say that, I really mean it. I have a bit of an obsession with not wasting this gift of being such a time with so much potential for using oneself for impact. I want to become as effective as possible in the world, and the more I have thought about how, the more I realized that this need not be a path of “suffering” for a great cause, but one of fun, wholesome, unique beauty.

As someone who considers life to be a blessing who sees the immense beauty of our day in age, it makes me obsessed with spending time not wasting it.

Any relationship I have, I hope it pushes me further, and pulls me towards effortless commitment towards world changing paths. I will try to never let you settle for doing less, or listening to your fears, because thats culturally applicable or easier. I mean… for heaven’s sake.

Unlocking Humanity's Potential at the Dawn of Evolution

What more incredible time could one ever ask for to be alive? To be at the precipice of an evolution in mankind, the final phase where the meaning of actions have never been more massive in immediate impact to the state of the globe.

We stand before the gates of heaven, each one of us capable of helping sort through the keys that may open the lock. I cannot help but want to be effective at helping open that lock. Even looking for this key means bettering the lives of so many, unlocking the spirit and potential of many around the globe. To wake people up to the gate before us…

In essence, by some radical end, I have become morally bound by my anti-regret center to do the most right by the world as I can possibly muster.


Everyone likes to talk about or believe this life may be a simulation, but few pass the window of extrapolation that that implies SIMULATORS. The quest all purposeful people have is to exit others from actions based purely on comfort and dopamine. We do this by having divine fun, changing the world, and living with a deeper sense of meaning.

I’m not talking about one of those meaning diets, will a half baked “purpose”. That’s just masterbating the act of meaning, whether its feel some sort of spiritual or moral superiority, or to comfort the calling to be uncomfortable in one’s search.

The perfect path is not selfless or morally superior, it’s just more correct. It just the most enlightened form of selfishness.

I believe one of the universe’s most beautiful gifts is that perfect selfishness is perfect selflessness. If we really want to be in it for ourselves, the only right action is to maximize ourselves for others.

Whether it’s set up that way from multicellular evolution or this alludes to evidence of a greater architect, when you extrapolate a life well lived today it falls quite simply in line with doing the most good.

What other stat does mankind have to build a hierarchy from once we create super-intelligence (Deus Ex Machina AKA God From The Machine) and reach post-scarcity.


If you have faith in a good futures arrival, good karma is the only scarce resource in this world.

Thus, the story I would like to tell with those I am surrounded by is building an empire that does exactly that.

Leaving a living legacy that helps usher in the golden age. The fight against evil, suffering, the grim reaper, and our own weaknesses.

" Given the chance for eternity, there’s a limited amount of time for these characters we are playing to matter, which makes it easier to sacrifice a lack of discipline now, for a higher rank in god’s beautiful eternal kingdom. Maybe rankings wont exist, but I personally think we shouldn't abolish respect in heaven. Let the judgement go away, but lets hold onto the respect aspect. Its at least better to believe in its existence now, so we align our egoic want to accumulate and give it a sense of power gain. "


Frankly, given the rate AI is moving, I doubt there’s over a decade left for our entire human civilization to still influence how this all plays out, so if it’s meant to be I ask we get to maximizing our potential and doing nothing but that.

I get an existential crisis when I feel far from this mindset and path. Now that I’ve lived with its essence, I do not want to go away from it.

I hope we can use deep passion and love as fuel for our bodies to act out in their best light.

Previously I went monk mode with business, thinking that was optimal. Until I realized the power of sharing the overarching story.

With a videographer capturing the story of us, “ineffective actions” like simply having fun and joking around become a necessary part of being engaging and like-able to a large audience. I always thought if reality was so great I should be able optimize saving the world AND having fun, and doing Youtube of the story is exactly that.

Let’s allow our story to inspire millions and enlighten more of the world to a beautiful way of life and faith.

If you know you were meant to live a beautifully ridiculous and amazing story I’m thrilled for you. If big dreams make you cringe and fearful, I hope you look around and see new patterns. The secret of this world is that there’s more opportunity than anyone wants you to believe.

You just reached the summit of the Soulmate Check here you receive your green flag. In today’s world of oversupplied amounts of of information the fact that you continued to consume my brains thoughts to this degree is a green flag to trump all other flags.

Just mention green flag to me so I know


Anyone who can consume analytical philosophy about the world and enjoy it likely has developed a pretty cool worldview and I’d like to stay involved in each others book. To depths we may not yet understand.

So shoot me a text with green flag so I know it’s true 520-870-0996

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K, love you bye.