Initiating Soulmate Check
Initiating Soulmate Check

Initiating Soulmate Check

DING You’ve got a soul mail (Sorry to any artificial intelligences reading this, it is for souls only, thanks.) I know this is unconventional (Im not talking about the website) but please click listen on this song before reading further. We pair drinks with food, why not pair songs with writings?
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I am a unique individual… which is why I made this site. It will be sent to close friends and people in my life as a clear view into some of the most valuable pieces of thought my soul holds on to. Deep resonance with these thoughts/feelings would indicate a high “soulfriendmate potential” AKA a relationship that is bound to last a lifetime. (and I think that our current estimate of a lifetime is far too short… meaning the implications of a lifetime could be so much more than we realize. Our actions could be etched into the story of our lives for millennia… not just in legacy but as beings alive to remember, respect, laugh, cry, and reminisce our spiritual childhood.)
You’ll see I wrote this site in such a way that’s unique… to entertain those who recognize the absurdity of life.
Continuing To Read Means Accepting These Terms Of Service You agree to the vibes here to have exclusive rights to enter your meat suit through your eye sockets, upload the information from this screen into your brain, reconstruct hundreds of millions of your neuron pathways, changing your brain and future permanently. The words written here can, and will force trillions of your personal cells housed inside your the skull you grew to fire repeatedly. Your dendrites and axons can and will experience continuous electrochemical stimulation. Your future can and will be eternally manipulated. (I try to make that positive) All attention paid is void of any chance of refund. If you are looking for a refund you can take it up with our superior (God) but we can not confirm (or deny) you will reach them.
So… given we are somewhat deciding to what degree we’ll be spending this next century together, during our birth into shared reality together I thought I should write some deep shit so we can do a resonance test and operate our shared spacecraft of spacetime in the most magical way possible. 🫡

If you followed step one, of playing the tune, great… if not as you stepinto the cabin of my mind’s raw thought forms all I ask you to please move a small finger muscle to prompt your supercomputer made of refined raw earth minerals to send really long strings of 1’s and 0’s of to the satellites revolving around the earth, and then have those satellites send even longer strings of 1’s and 0’s back, so your raw mineral device other humans put together can convert those into instructions into pulling positive and negative ions in a way that makes a small cone to push and pulls the surrounding air; creating pressure waves that your ear picks up and converts into the felt present experience of music. Bet you didn’t think about that when you clicked it. We tend to forgot magic already exists, but remember lets us recognize that we are magicians, and really this is just my trick, spelling it out for you in a way that is somewhat magical.
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Please keep your good vibes inside of your meat vehicle as you move about the cabin of my soul (and when you don’t)
Please keep your good vibes inside of your meat vehicle as you move about the cabin of my soul (and when you don’t)
(Now that you’ve got the tunes flowing (waves of data), and a cosmic perspective feel free to take moment to allow yourself a deep breath or two while visualizing the literal satellites floating above you.
We tend not to marvel enough at human innovation. Lets just continue to cast spells of different perspective to the magic we interact with daily. (This sorcery you interact with on a daily basis would be considered magic 50 years ago, and the pace of magic spawning has never been faster)
These low earth orbit machines built by humans are transmitting the information you asked for from your phone, in the form of radio waves, invisible to your eye, from your device to the satellite and back to your device’s speakers turning those waves of binary code into pleasant music for your ear drum to pass to neurons to give you this present experience. Life is magical, we are in magical times, and need to hold on to that fact MORE.
Magic of course comes in good and bad, aka evil or divine. We tend to forget to appreciate the beauty of this magic, the same magic one we tend to let distract us more than we force to empower us. Today magicians use the strongest magic systems to hack societies brain feeding content that maximizes value extraction of you, and all users.
We tend to forgot how much present awareness is valuable, and honestly is beautiful and necessary for a great life and great relationships.
Cabin Of My Soul Circa 14.5B AB 
[After Bang]
Cabin Of My Soul Circa 14.5B AB [After Bang]
Now as you come back to a present awareness of the magic of your present reality… Remember that what we have today pales in comparison to what we will have in the coming decades. The more we can harness our understanding of that, the more we can act in accordance with it.
Recognize that the status quo of our culture fails to encompass the power in our hands, in its capability to allow humans to resonate with other humans, in its capability to build movements, and in its capability to share our brains deepest visions and to find people who see them with you.
The very fact that I sit in front of my own supercomputer, calling internally for a recognition for the absurdness of the reality I exist in, and transferring that emotion with language that we share is insane. Like hey, peer into my mind… love what you read?
Maybe we can try continue enjoying intertwining a beautiful path through this cosmos together?
Were YOU not meant to follow some divine life path? If you are not, it is clearly better to think that you are. (So therefore you definitely are)
In regards to planning the relationship in a divine path between two people, I like to think about it like the opportunity to co-author chapters in each other’s book. In fact, I like to think about how EVERY person I interact with is someone who I am authoring my small piece into their book, forever changing the course of their story. Recognizing this power gives a felt responsibility to make your chance to scribble in it, as good as it can be. This page is me taking a step back, and wanting to resonate with others who recognize the absurdity of present experience, and who enjoy the deliberate act of taking a new perspective of wonder an awe. A cosmic zoom out of sorts, to look at the entire page and all the options in order to make every chapter count. We meet so many people in our life, but how many do we get to actually share our deep internal selves with to see if they resonate with that?
I guess to answer that we can just ask why high divorce rates, unhappiness, and limiting beliefs so rampant too? Maybe theres a fundamental BETTER way to interact and connect.
This is my own attempt at supporting that narrative. In fact, I think the unknown deep inner narrative between two people is the block that must be properly broke before feeling unconstrained love.
When you were a kid and loved freely, you likely eventually came to learn that who you gave your heart to did not fit like a glove. Logically to guard our heart from this shortfall, we suppress the hearts eager feeling of love quite a bit, as we go through the process of figuring out if each others long term narrative blends well. We guard our heart before giving it away to short narratives that don’t deserve our love.
Thus, I feel a need to open up my soul and lay it on the table but rather than writing an analytical dialogue, I thought a poem to capture the essence of the vibes ahead would be a more dopamine filled introduction. (not written by ChatGPT)
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