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I like to love passionately, but learned to do it best
Not just in heart but in the spark of mind, I must test.
Because my mind is sold on building a life as divine as can be, With those who looks to the stars and dream as wildly as me.
Together as agents of chaos and creators of love,
We’ll look at the universe and give it our hug.
We’ll bring ideas into reality, and spread vibes into minds,
Taking effortless action to help preserve humankind.
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The thought to not gives me distress.
So let’s simply dream into forever and give it our best.
We will help bring an end to suffering and bodily rot
Strive for any less and be with you, I will not.
Together we’ll break through limitations, like a bullet out of a gun.
We’ll be martyrs of heaven, God made this shit fun.
It is the quest one could only dream of, the main one at least.
Of defying nature, and controlling our beast.
The rewards are greater than our brain could ever understand.
After all it evolved for survival, in a natural land.
Through resonance, we can harness our holy energy deep inside.
We can look towards the future to feel touch of emotion of the future tide.
I mean fuck, TRILLIONS of planets await our trek
Everything we’ve ever known is just a speck
And with OpenAI it looks like only decades more
Before robots replace every human chore
And THEN the sky being the limit will be through
And we’ll set sail to the cosmos like its the ocean blue.
While my names not Christopher or Columbus
On my IPHONE 13 PLUS PRO MAX I do have a compass
(Plus a meditation app that makes me feel oneness)
So why not combine forces and give our all while we can.
And throw a party on the moon as part of our plan.
What’s a couple decades of trying… to the potential of forever man?
Are your nuerons stimulated?
(Click For Yes) (Exit For No)
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